John's work was due to be exhibited at The Venue, Holt, in spring 2020. However, because the show couldn't go ahead due to the coronavirus outbreak, it is now taking place online. 

With more time on his hands since the UK Lockdown, John has been painting prolifically, with many of his works inspired by watching people looking at art while we were still able to visit galleries.

He says: " The works shown here were intended to form a thorough analysis of my work over a few years, I began in political art and Trades Union banners but it has been in the last ten years that my own personal  attitude to art has emerged.
"The exhibition had been meant to show a progression of art forms, from constructions through figurative almost symbolist works, to where I am at present, the latest being large paintings of suburban streets. I feel that at this stage in my life, I am allowed to move from one genre to another and maybe back again,  without having to explain or apologise! 
"I am missing being able to exhibit. My work continues but the valuable sense that someone is looking at and experiencing it is sorely missed!"

To enquire about any of the paintings featured in the exhibition, call John on 01263 721133 or email