John exhibited at Norfolk's prestigious annual Salthouse exhibition for five consecutive years and was a Salthouse committee member until 2011, when the show, Ad Limina (at the threshold) was curated by Laura Williams.


Sea, Light, Spirit 

This body of work was inspired by the exhibition in 2008 at Salthouse Church, its theme being 'Sea House, Light House, Spirit House'. John was commissioned to make three large banners that were hung on the coast road to herald that year's exhibition. John made many sketches and small-scale versions of the banners - these have become artworks in their own right and have been exhibited alongside other the other paintings in the Sea, Light,  Spirit series.

"I feel that art should not just be for the lucky few and hanging the banners in a public place meant that thousands of people saw it for free."


                                    'Landmark' (work in situ at Salthouse Church, 2010) 

Sketch for Landmark 2010

Working on 'Salt of the Earth'

Sketch for Landmark,2010


 Living on Borrowed Land


Salthouse Churchyard 


                                                              Sea House