A collection of paintings made mainly over 2012, John's book, Sublimina, features works taken from studies made from months spent on the North Norfolk marshes - the 'borrowed land' of the title.

Also included are projects and commissions, from banners made for the acclaimed annual Salthouse Church exhibition, to a series of six huge, 8' x 3' paintings commissioned by North Norfolk District Council.

A series of suburban scenes, whose subjects range from a residential street in Sheringham, to the historic North Lodge Park, at Cromer, marked a change of direction for John.

"This was a fantastic time for me," he said. "And, perhaps it is something to do with getting older and an awareness of passing time, but I find I am less fearful about taking chances, so changing my style of working didn't worry me."

Inspired by the unique architecture of North Norfolk's seaside towns, John aimed to reflect the "extraordinary in the ordinary".

"Looking around at old-fashioned bandstands and boating lakes, I found myself reminded of places I visited 50 years ago," he said. "I began looking at surburbia - red brick buildings, lampposts, even an ordinary back street in Sheringham had a sort of charm."

Click on the picture gallery below to see some of the works featured in the book, and in the accompanying Open Studios exhibition.